Thank God Its Monday!!

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Believe it or not, I am eagerly waiting to go back to office tomorrow. I had a very long weekend with Katie selecting and renovating the house and it was painful to say the least. You can easily guess whose idea it could it be, yes it was her idea and I was her foreman. At least I saved a few while bucks that the worker would have taken. It just destroyed my weekend and when I will reach office tomorrow it will be better than this. I don’t have that much work in the office, I just sit in the office try to look busy. So office will be like a get away from my wife and house.

So I worked on two rooms this weekend, the first was our master bed room. I changed the wallpaper and tiles. Wallpaper was an easy task than tiles. I fixed tiles for most part of yesterday. And i was exhausted when I was done because while I was doing it I had to see the store thrice. And the traffic didn’t make it easy.

I also fixed the kitchen, which was not an easy task. It took me almost 9 hrs to do it, my kitchen now have a dish washer and cupboards. My neighbor Ray helped me in moving it but that was the only help I got. Also have you ever tried to lift a dish washer, I mean they weight like a ton. Actually my wife got it from the store and she managed to bring it home all by herself. But i must say that the house is looking very good and far better. My wife do have a taste when it comes to home decor. hello

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